Moon Phase Collection

Moon Phase Collection

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 🌚 Moon Phase Rollers 🌙 

Roller Collection includes 8 (EIGHT) 10ML clear glass rollers with stainless steel roller ball. Each roller will have a matching decal and cap. Suggested affirmation + recipe card included. 

DECALS ONLY Includes 8 (EIGHT) moon phase decals in your choice of color. 


Supercharge and activate the magic of nature by adding essential oils for every Moon phase. 

Using Essential Oils during the Moon cycle is like a triple shot of espresso (you know I’m down!!) to all your healthy cells, without the jitters or any negative side effects.

Just like we place some of our crystals under the moonlight to clean and re-charge, the Moon’s energy gives oils a little extra mojo.

If we sync our oils with the cycle, we can use them to amplify and open our receptors to all the good ju ju that’s available to download and receive.  

Please Note: Rollers are EMPTY. Essential Oils NOT included. 

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