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Hey All

I am Corey Christine, CoCo around here. 

I'm a BᴏʏMᴏᴍ of 3 BOYS, yes 3. yes ALL boys. They are almost 4, 7 and 10.... Basically This is MY CIRCUS + Those are MY MONKEYS.

I will sweat for donuts read also all carbs. 

I would rather workout at 5am 4 times a week than skip taco tuesday...aka any damn day we please.  

Plant Juice Dealer 🌱

Domestic Violence Warrior⚡️

Living Life Less Toxic ♻️

I've survived what might have killed most.

My boys and I have been through hell + back again but we are thriving because one day I decided that if we were going to have a real TOXIC FREE HEALTHY HAPPY LIFE...we needed to leave the most toxic of all.

While I was riding our home of GMO's + cancer causing chemicals..I was harboring the most toxic. Its hard to believe what we went through, and one day Ill get it all down in words. (look for my book one day "that's not how any of this works: surviving #fuckthatguy)

In the meanwhile we just keep forging forward. I'll keep creating ways to support us. this site keeps us alive, it keeps us going. YOU ARE THE REASON! 

We can't ever really put into words what the support of CoCo Gone Green really means to my boys + me. You can not put a price tag on our safety and our security. you just can't. So if you are just here to check out the page or a long time follower or OG Etsy customer. I see you. I appreciate you. + I will never stop doing my best + giving my best to show my gratitude. I am forever thankful to the world wide web for letting me see the light in the darkness and knowing even when it felt the loneliest, I was not alone. 

We are not alone. 

Lean on your faith, your God given talents, strength + your tribe.

Repeat after me: We FRANKIN' Got THIS!!! <3

Happy Oiling! 

Love Corey Christine - CoCo