Desert Mist Decals - Christmas
Desert Mist Decals - Christmas

Desert Mist Decals - Christmas

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Time to dress up the diffusers for the holidays! 

    • Grinch is the cutest! Turn your desert mist to the color green + its the PERFECT ish. But no worries he fits on the dew drop too!
    • Frosty just makes me smile. This is my first two color diffuser decal, the orange really makes his carrot nose pop! 
    • The Snowflakes are the perfect fit on both the desert mist and the lantern diffusers. Each set comes with 16 snowflakes to fill how you wish. 

These decals are made with removable vinyl. They will be able to be removed but will not be able to be reused. All diffuser decals purchased during the SALE will ship for FREE within 5-7 business days. 

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