Postpartum Box

Postpartum Box


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Want to make all the things but don’t know where to get all the supplies?! 

Look no further my oily friend! 

What started out a couple years ago as DIY boxes for my customers has slowly developed into a super cool system to allow you to get all the goodies you need to make all the  non toxic things without having to buy in bulk or get multiples of things you don’t need

Each box will have the containers or bottles that you need for each recipe along with instructions on how to make the item and use them! 

Each Box is themed to meet the needs of particular things. We have a box for everything!  Want them all? Sign up for our NO-Tox Box subscription service and receive a different themed box EVERY MONTH! 😍🖤

THE POSTPARTUM BOX  will help you make:

  • Hoha Spray: 2 oz PET Cosmo Spray Bottle 
  • Back to Me Roller: 10ml Glass Roller with Stainless Steel Ball
  • Nipple Cream: 1 oz DoubleWall Plastic Jar

Please Note:

This listing is for the containers and recipes ONLY.

Oils and ingredients NOT included. Each box will include the container for each recipe along with decal/label, detailed instructions on what ingredients will be needed got the recipe, how to make the items + use them. 



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